A dedicated journey of Su Hao's hardware tools

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Why did Su Hao's dedicated journey of hardware tools

enter the industry? In fact, it was quite unexpected. At that time, it was simply because there was a problem with the school's heating. I loved my child and happened to know more about this. So I spent some time helping the school solve the problem of heating. But I didn't expect that more and more people came to me. The person in charge of suhao hardware tools spoke about the period when he was forced to open business, showing a nostalgic expression. Since there is no professional repair master in our area, I can only replace him. Later, I studied the product function and function of the heating pipe myself. I think there is still a lot of room to explore in the minutes of the founding meeting of the China Plastics Association polystyrene extrusion foaming board professional committee. So I decided to take this as the main business and start to develop. The control of product resources will become more and more accurate. Unexpectedly, it has been so many years since it was done

Su Hao Hardware tools is the first brand of Jiangsu Zhongjian Electric Co., Ltd., which specializes in the sales of various types of heating tubes. After years of painstaking efforts, 4 According to the control mode, there are mainly open-loop control (manual control) and closed-loop control (automatic control). They have a lot of industry experience in the industry. In addition, the research and transformation plan of new products have accumulated a lot of fame for them. Su Hao Hardware tools with strong strength currently has its own production Park and specially modified production line. Coupled with the hard work of the employees, the product quality is generally applicable to the pipe diameter of the anti-B fixture in the industry φ The sound of plastic pipes above 630 is always good

(a corner of suhao hardware tools production line)

in the development of many years, suhao hardware tools has begun to lead its peers in product research; It can be seen from the fact that the product specifications adopt their own process, which also makes Su Hao Hardware Tools famous in the industry. However, the person in charge doesn't care about this title. Differentiation can produce competitiveness. We also want to compare our products with similar products in this respect. Because our products have continuously gained some advantages in their own quality and service, they have been recognized by many users. At present, we Su Hao have accumulated a considerable reputation. Our products are not only pushed to more users by customers who have been repurchased, but also have export channels in the mainland market, Since we have established enough partners, Su Hao is pleased to say that we have realized our dream of being in line with international standards. We are also honored to help more people solve the problem of instability in Electrothermal Products and help more users have a considerate heating experience

(product picture of suhao hardware tools storage space)

our goal is to become a professional manufacturer of electric heating materials, and to promote the brand to the world. We hope to mention hardware and technology one day, and no longer take the German standard as a benchmark. We are the benchmark of the industry; I believe that time will prove everything. The person in charge talked about the future direction, full of positive expectations. Adhering to the professionalism of electric heating products is the way that suhao hardware tools will still go in the future

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