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On October 9, China Plastics warehouse receipt LLDPE market brief review

I. Market Overview:

affected by the international crude oil slump, today's LLDPE warehouse receipt opened slightly lower, the front index continued to fall in the opening, and the force continued to decline in the narrow range of shocks. The intraday trend was slightly stable, and the fluctuation range was narrow. The middle and rear markets rebounded slightly under the weak support of the buyer's force, and the small range of shocks rose, but the range of rise was limited, and the late market trend tended to be stable and extended horizontally, In the end, the LLDPE warehouse receipt index closed at 1330.56 points, down 2.80 points from the previous trading day. The baldheaded small positive line jumped down, the 5-day moving average inertia went up through the physical center, the KDJ index went down slightly and still operated in overbought areas, and the red column of MACD index shrank slightly. In terms of the disk situation, today's market trading is stable and the transaction is general. The power of the buyer and the seller is relatively balanced. Both sides have many open and close positions. The trading volume is obvious, and the order volume increases slightly

II. Analysis of main varieties:

ll0712 after opening slightly lower, the price continued to fluctuate slightly downward, the intraday price range fluctuated slightly, and the end of the day closed slightly lower. The settlement price closed at 12426 yuan/ton, 35 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. The daily K-line chart closed with a small negative line, the 5-day moving average continued to rise slightly, and the physical center of gravity jumped down. On the 30 minute K-line chart, the "one" line was closed, the trading volume increased slightly, and the order volume decreased slightly

ll0801 fell slightly, and the price in the previous session continued to fluctuate in the opening trend, then reversed and rose slightly. The price in the session continued to fluctuate upward under the influence of the buyer, and ended slightly lower in the late session. The settlement price closed at 12461 yuan/ton, a decrease of 13 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. The daily K-line chart closed at the short positive line. The 5-day moving average inertia rose, the physical center of gravity moved down slightly, the trading volume decreased slightly, and the order volume increased slightly

III. comprehensive analysis:

due to the rebound of the US dollar and the increase of crude oil production in Nigeria, the international crude oil price plummeted yesterday. WTI and Brent closed at 79.02 and 76.58 US dollars/barrel, down 2.20 and 2.32 US dollars/barrel respectively. In terms of spot goods, affected by the typhoon in some regions, market transactions were flat, transactions were blocked, the price rise was not strong, the quotation continued to remain stable, high transactions were difficult, downstream demand was weak, and traders' mentality was relatively stable. On the whole, in the absence of new good news, with Shandong Huayu's good product alloying as the platform, there is heavy resistance to the rise. It is expected that the aftermarket of China Plastics LLDPE warehouse receipts will continue to be dominated by weak shock consolidation

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

note: this reprint is to convey more information after more than 10 years of actual engineering inspection. Plastic materials are not only a kind of low energy consumption and low pollution products, but also do not mean to agree with its view or confirm whether its content is the authenticity of oil leakage

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