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A week's market review of Jiangsu polyester filament Market (01.15--21)

the market situation of Jiangsu polyester filament continues to be driven by the market of polyester raw materials. The market price rises every day, and the market transaction also improves. The production and sales of enterprises are in good condition, basically more than 90%, and the inventory drops. POY is the best market transaction in the early stage. The supply of individual specifications exceeds the demand, and the price rise is also large. Compared with the same period, FDY and DTY perform slightly worse. However, after entering Wednesday, the FDY and DTY Market gradually followed up. On the contrary, the jg/t5100 ⑴ 998poy market of scissor type aerial work platform appeared a little tired, and the sales volume decreased. DTY used for warp knitting products is relatively dynamic, and the transactions of other porous varieties are also good, while the transactions of conventional varieties are still flat. FDY fine denier porous silk is also a good deal. The coarse denier greatly improves the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and the prevention and control of environmental pollution are complementary. The bright FDY silk has a good deal, while the fine denier silk has shrunk. The mentality of downstream weaving enterprises is slightly hesitant. It is expected that the local polyester filament price will still rise in the short term with the help of upstream costs. The quotations of various varieties in the market are: POY 75d/36f is yuan/ton, POY 75d/72f is yuan/ton, DTY 75d/36f is yuan/ton, DTY 75d/72f (light) is yuan/ton, DTY 75d/in order to open up the international market, 144f is 00 yuan/ton, DTY 150d/288f is yuan/ton, FDY 50d/24f is yuan/ton, FDY 63d/24f is yuan/ton, FDY 75d/36f (bright) is yuan/ton, FDY 150d/96f is yuan/ton

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