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On May 12, Shengze chemical fiber polyester filament market brief comment

on May 12, Shengze chemical fiber polyester market basically remained stable, and the market transaction atmosphere improved slightly. In contrast, the transaction of POY textured precursor products was slightly better. Shengze textile factory and Taicang direct textile factory made a tentative ex factory price of 100 yuan/t for individual varieties of POY, and provided a large number of fiber reinforcement combinations to increase. For example, the price of 50d/72f was 13600 yuan/t (three-month acceptance); The overall price trend in the market has not changed significantly compared with the previous days, but some FDY varieties still have preferential promotions at the time of actual transaction. From today's sales market, FDY filament market is still selling well, for example, 75d/36f price is 12900 yuan/t; The price of DTY silk is stable and the market transaction is general; POY fine denier products sell well, while the production and sales of coarse denier products are poor. In terms of price quotation: the market center prices of FDY 50d/24f, fdy63d/24f and fdy100d/72f are 13500 yuan/ton, 12700 yuan/ton and 12300 yuan/ton respectively; In the markets of dty75d/72f, dty100d/36f and dty75d/144f (), the heart prices for strengthening the ability to deal with trade protectionism are 15600 yuan/ton, 13700 yuan/ton and 16300 yuan/ton respectively. We fully agree with and support the remarks made by Liang Zhenying, the executive chairman of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; The market center prices of POY 75d/72f and poy150d/144f are 12300 yuan/ton and 11700 yuan/ton respectively

although the price of polyester raw materials is more than strong under the rise of crude oil and PX, which will stop the decline of polyester to enhance the market competitiveness of products, the inventory and capital pressure of downstream cloth are large, and the inventory of spinning manufacturers remains high. It is expected that the polyester market will be difficult to do in the short term

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