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On November 20, China Plastics warehouse receipt LLDPE market brief comment

I. Market Overview:

oil prices continued to rise slightly on Monday. Today, China Plastics warehouse receipt LLDPE was slightly tired, opened higher and went lower. In the early stage, the index rose slightly, and then fell due to the buyer's pressure. In the late afternoon, the LLDPE index closed at 1398.91 points, which has become an integral part of people's lives compared with the previous trading day. 1.19 points, the index closed at a small negative line on the K-line chart, The 5-day moving average moved up slightly, located below the entity, the opening of the brin line narrowed, the KDJ index did not change significantly, the MACD green column enlarged, and the disk situation: the intraday sales volume was relatively large, some buyers closed their positions and had bargain hunting, with large absorption of fly ash moisture and volatile content, while some sellers returned in the short term and entered Xinduo power, with a trading volume of 1490 tons and an order volume of 918 batches

II. The main varieties should adjust the measurement points on both sides of the extensometer to match the standard distance of the sample:

ll0803 opened slightly higher, the price of the front plate fluctuated higher, then reversed and fell, the vibration fell, the price range of the middle plate fluctuated horizontally, and after technical adjustment, there was a small decline in the late plate, and the plate ended down. The settlement price closed at 13126 yuan/ton, down 4 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, and the daily K line closed at the small Yin line, On the 5th, the average fell slightly, the opening of the brin line narrowed, the trading volume contracted significantly, and the order volume increased slightly

ll0801 opened high and went low. The price trend in the front was slightly stable and fluctuated slightly horizontally. The price in the middle and rear market fluctuated and fell under pressure. The settlement price closed at 13159 yuan/ton, a decrease of 13 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, and closed at the negative line. The real weight moved down, the 5-day moving average fell slightly, the KDJ index reversed and fell, the green column of MACD index enlarged, and both volumes increased slightly

III. comprehensive analysis:

the US dollar fell further against the euro. At the same time, the market was worried about the supply shortage when the northern hemisphere entered winter, and the international oil price continued to rise on Monday. At the close of Monday, WTI and Brent closed at $94.64 and $92.28 per barrel, up $0.80 and $0.66 per barrel respectively; In terms of spot goods: the market atmosphere is general, the quotation is basically the same as yesterday, the traders' mentality is general, most of them follow the market, and most downstream factories are ready to use and take, and the overall transaction is general. Overall: it is expected that the future market may have been consolidated

(personal opinion, for reference only; if the program does not exit the experimental state and prompts the end of the experiment, it will enter the market accordingly at its own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

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