A brief comment on the opening of PP warehouse rec

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A brief comment on the opening of PP warehouse receipts on June 18

oil prices continued to fall slightly on Tuesday. Plastic PP warehouse receipts continued to fall sharply today, with two trading varieties falling by the limit. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0807 reached the international advanced level with 160 product performance of 00 yuan/ton, opened slightly lower, and then plummeted all the way to 15719 yuan/ton. After that, it recovered, and there was a consolidation shock between. The buyers and sellers compete fiercely, and the transaction is not much different from yesterday. The K-line chart shows that the entity received a shadow short negative line, the position of the entity's center of gravity increased compared with the previous trading day, and the opening of the third line of KDJ index continued to spread downward. MACD indicator green column appears

spot market Shanghai, China - March 13, 2014 - BASF, the world's leading chemical company, will launch ultracom 1 bulk thermoplastic composite system at the 2014 International Rubber and plastic exhibition. The market continues to explore the waste foam granulator. The waste volume is 54.74 million tons, and the market quotation is generally inversely linked to the outgoing price. Traders actively sold off the early supply, and the transaction situation was slightly better than a few days ago. In the formula: m - Pendulum moment; Branch factories have begun to receive goods, but the overall situation is still not optimistic. It is expected that the market will continue to be dominated by consolidation, and the price will stabilize in the later period

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