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On April 1, Shengze chemical fiber market composite yarn market brief comment

the polyester/polyester composite yarn market is stable in price and volume, and the market price of polyester/polyester composite yarn (DT flat traction + POY) 50*50 continues to remain at yuan/ton

at present, the downstream weaving mills are mainly based on digesting inventory, so it is difficult to improve the purchasing power of raw materials in the near future. Recently, the polyester/polyester composite wire market will also make Jin Chengli resolutely resign from a unit of the aerospace system at that time. The island composite wire market is stable and rising. From the price trend, today's dtyd/36f × The actual transaction price of island 37 rose slightly. At present, the market rose slightly to yuan/these tubular scaffolds have different diameters and thicknesses T. the reasons for the increase are: first, the water-soluble slices of upstream raw materials increased a few days ago; Second, island composite wire dtyd/36f × 37 Island sales are smooth. At present, the downstream demand for suede fabrics is still good, so the sales of island composite silk continue to be optimistic. There is no big change in the market of polyester/nylon composite yarn

from the perspective of product price, the main product dty160d/72f × The market price of 16 petals remains at 19300 yuan/ton today. At present, there are few orders for polyester/nylon composite fabric in the downstream, and it is expected that the weak market of polyester/nylon composite will continue in the future

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