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The world packaging center of the World Packaging Organization is located in China

the world packaging center is located in China. I am preparing to put it in Hangzhou and build it into a platform that integrates R & D, design, information, logistics and other functions and provides strong support for the packaging industry. On December 1, yujianhu, chairman of Shangfeng Group Co., Ltd. and vice chairman of the world packaging center of the World Packaging Organization, told that Hangzhou already had an Asian packaging center. If you add the settlement of the world packaging center, it will form a agglomeration effect and become the center of the world packaging industry

it is reported that the World Packaging Organization Council, held in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 14, 2010, officially approved the establishment of the world packaging center in China and approved the center to become a full member of the World Packaging Organization. Shi Wanpeng, vice president of the World Packaging Organization, President of the Asian Packaging Federation and President of the China Packaging Federation, served as the president of the world packaging center of the World Packaging Organization, and yujianhu, chairman of Shangfeng group, served as the vice president of the world packaging center of the World Packaging Organization. At this meeting, Yu Jianhu was also elected as the Chief Photographer of the World Packaging Organization

in the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has grown from small to large, and has become the second largest packaging country after the United States. However, compared with foreign packaging enterprises, at present, the distribution of packaging enterprises in China is uneven, and the strength of packaging industry clusters needs to be strengthened urgently. According to the requirements put forward by Volvo, the adjustment of industrial structure and industrial transformation and upgrading of packaging industry are very urgent. There are development constraints in information, talent, resources, logistics, research and development, innovation and so on. It is urgent to establish an international packaging platform to shorten the gap between Chinese packaging enterprises and foreign packaging enterprises. World packaging 2012 was the golden age of the North American plastic machinery market, and the center was settled in China, which is loosening the adjustment between them, providing an opportunity to solve this problem

2. The world packaging center of tensile testing machine will be led by Shangfeng group to establish an entity company, and I am preparing to put it in Hangzhou. Yu Jianhu told me

Zhejiang is a major packaging province. At present, it has more than 10000 packaging enterprises, including 3000 above Designated Size, with an annual output value of more than 100billion yuan, ranking second in the country. Among the 80 leading packaging enterprises in the country, Zhejiang accounts for 20, ranking first in the country. As the provincial capital city, Hangzhou also has unique advantages in the production of packaging materials, the manufacturing of packaging machinery, packaging design, packaging printing, packaging talent training and so on. As early as 2003, the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization had been settled in Hangzhou

Shangfeng Group Co., Ltd. is a cross regional and cross industry private joint-stock enterprise group focusing on the production of paper product packaging and printing and integrating real estate development, cement investment and other industries in Zhuji City of our province. It is one of the largest paper packaging production bases in China and the vice president unit of China Packaging Federation. The enterprise has established a high-tech base for Chinese paper products and printing, has been committed to the research and development of green packaging products and technologies, and provides customers with overall packaging solutions, and is in the forefront of the national industry in the replacement of wood with paper and plastic with paper. The company provides one-stop supporting services for Wahaha, Coca Cola, Samsung, Foxconn, IKEA, Panasonic, Nongfu mountain spring and other well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad, and establishes strategic partnership with them

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