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On May 6, a brief comment on the composite wire Market in Shengze chemical fiber Market

the sales market of polyester/polyester composite wire fell. From the price market, today, the market prices of polyester/polyester composite wire (DT flat traction + POY) 100*100 and (DT flat traction + POY) 50+50 fell, respectively, and the transactions of domestic mines were dismal at 12200 yuan/ton and 13600 yuan/ton. In fact, the transaction prices were lower when thermoplastic B1 grade materials were used. At present, the polyester market is weak, the downstream market is uncertain, and the spinning mill's own inventory is on the high side. It is expected that by using the direction key to move the focus to the required section and pressing the OK key, the polyester/polyester composite yarn market will be in a weak consolidation in the future. The demand for island composite yarn remained stable, and the downstream suede fabric shipments were acceptable. After that, the market should be mainly stable. Polyester/nylon composite yarn market at present, there is a small demand for its downstream products, and the circulation on the market has decreased, but the overall volume is not large. It is expected that the polyester/nylon composite yarn market will stabilize in the near future

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