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The downstream automotive industry is depressed, and the demand for nitrile rubber in Asia is declining.

Sinochem news according to ICIS station on January 14, the current situation of the company is described as: the company has full production capacity. Due to the decline of the downstream automotive industry, the demand for nitrile rubber (NBR) in Asia shrank on the eve of the Lunar New Year holiday, and the growth of electric vehicle production further affected consumption

a rubber trader said, "due to the downturn in the automotive industry, the demand for nitrile rubber 4 to press and hold the button is with L glue has weakened, and this industry is transforming to electrification."

the shift to the production of more environmentally friendly vehicles means that the demand for nitrile rubber is reduced, and nitrile rubber is mainly used in internal combustion engines

the trader said, "the power of new energy electric vehicles is lithium-ion batteries, not internal combustion engines, which use a large number of auto parts (some of which use nitrile rubber)."

automobile industry is the main downstream of nitrile rubber, and nitrile rubber can also be used for complex data analysis in industry, agriculture and shoe industry

NBR is widely used in automobile transmission belts, hoses, O-rings, washers, oil seals, V-belts, synthetic leather, printer forming rollers, rice milling rollers, disposable non latex gloves and cable sheaths

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