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The down-hole machinery leasing industry has tasted the fruits of the boom and dissipated to meet the cold winter of the industry

from the explosive growth of the investment benefiting from 4trillion yuan to the gradual cooling of the real estate under strict control, in just a few years, the drilling rig/impactor leasing industry has experienced a cycle from prosperity to decline. For many practitioners, whether to insist or quit has become the most entangled problem. Pladistribution, a material dealer headquartered in Leicestershire, saw that Exxon Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates showed strong growth in the automotive market

"it's really hard to say now that it can recover in a good year." On the 12th, Zhang Xuesheng told the economic herald that under the "machinery leasing" sign outside the door, a small bulldozer and a small excavator were quietly waiting for the arrival of new jobs in the light rain

like Zhang Xuesheng, many people engaged in machinery leasing are waiting. In their eyes, there used to be too much work to finish, but now they have to get it through relationships. At the same time, factors such as project payment arrears, rising labor costs and printing experimental reports are also eroding their profits, even affecting upstream companies

Su Zimeng, vice president and Secretary General of the China drilling rig/impactor Industry Association, said recently that the sales of excavators alone fell by 13.9% year-on-year in the month of this year, while the sluggish sales of various products also led to the continued decline in the economic benefits of the drilling rig/impactor industry in the first half of this year, and the financial tension did not significantly improve

when the "cold winter" of the machinery industry has passed has become the focus of attention of all parties

from prosperity to decline

in Zhang Xuesheng's mind, the day when a machine makes a net profit of more than 100000 yuan a year seems to be a constant yesterday

"spend 100000 yuan to buy a machine in 2010, and you can make capital in less than a year." Zhang Xuesheng said that the environmental pollution caused by this kind of plastic granulator equipment was very serious. At that time, 4trillion investment was fermented in various provinces and cities, and large and small projects were launched one after another. There were construction sites everywhere, and there were people robbing machines everywhere. The whole market was in a situation of short supply. "No one was willing to work for small machines with a monthly package of less than 10000 yuan and large machines with a monthly package of less than 20000 yuan."

in the hot market, having an excavator means planting a money tree. So Zhang Xuesheng, who has worked for more than 10 years, suddenly found that many new faces appeared around him. "It was only after watching the industry earn money that they plunged into it. Many of them repaid the loan and entered threeorfour machines at once."

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