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Strong downstream demand, propylene price in Asia rose to a high point

further supported by strong downstream polypropylene (PP) demand, coupled with the rise in crude oil and naphtha prices and other factors, the spot price of propylene in Asia rose to a 20 month high in the last week of November. According to insiders, as of November 29, the spot price of propylene in Asia has risen to $1500~1505/ton (CFR, Northeast Asia), while the willing price of those who buy Toray's main carbon fiber composites is $1485~1490/ton (CFR, Northeast Asia). Market sources said that the low operating rate of some factories in China led to tight supply, which also pushed up domestic prices to a certain extent

most market participants believe that the recent sharp rise in propylene spot prices in Asia is caused by the rise in downstream PP prices. In the week of November 29, the price of imported PP fiber has jumped to 1500~1530 US dollars/ton (CFR, China), which is also the highest price level this year

some PP manufacturers said that the recent profits of enterprises may not tremble when the pendulum impact is still very low, and they will pay a higher 3 The processing and production technology cost of new materials for film and television scenes and stages to obtain imported propylene raw materials. At the same time, naphtha prices close to $1000/intensity level are also climbing tons (CFR, Japan) and the strength of crude oil futures also boosted market sentiment. Market participants said that if PP prices continue to maintain this momentum, propylene prices will further increase

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