The hottest Dow will buy enichem's Polyurethane bu

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Dow will buy enichem's Polyurethane business

Dow Chemical Company will acquire enichem's Polyurethane business for 400million euros (372million US dollars). After acquiring the polyurethane business of enichem, Dow will build a new polymer production line to increase the production capacity of nearly 118000 T/a TDI, 80000 T/a MDI and 160000 T/a polyols

the factories transferred by enichem to Dow include Italian and Belgian polyurethane raw material factories and their research institutions, as well as polyurethane composite factories located in and with sufficient room

Dow said that this acquisition will balance its current polyurethane product structure based on polyols, and has TDI factory supply in Europe to support its polyurethane composite factory. This transaction must be approved by the European Commission. If approved, Europe will also become the main market for do solenoid directional valve to use well-known brand hydraulic components w to sell polyurethane products. Dow's current polyurethane sales of $2billion account for 35% of the North American market. Let's take a look at those new materials for high-performance aircraft engines, 35% in Europe, 15% in Asia Pacific and 15% in Latin America

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