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Dow: tap the potential of every drop of water

at the 13th China International membrane and water treatment technology and equipment exhibition held in Beijing not long ago, several water purification products launched by Dow Chemical became stars. Dow water treatment and process solutions business department restructured after the acquisition of Rohm and Haas has shown strong innovation ability and enterprising pioneering spirit. A new team for China's municipal water treatment market has also set sail

help users reduce costs

sewage reuse and seawater desalination are the only effective way to solve the global shortage of water resources at present. With leading technology, Dow continues to launch new products. While tapping the potential of every drop of water, it reduces the energy consumption, operation and maintenance costs in the process of water treatment, and strives to reduce the cost of seawater desalination by 30% - 50% in the next five years

Tang Shaoshan, marketing manager of Dow water treatment and process solutions Greater China, introduced that the xfrle-400/34i launched this time is the latest member of filmtec series. It is the combination of the world's excellent anti biological and organic pollution ability and low energy consumption. The optimized inlet channel can prevent the formation of pollutant layer, reduce the transmembrane pressure difference, and thus reduce the maintenance and cleaning costs; Hrle-440i is applicable to demineralized water, process water and other high-purity water. It can improve the removal rate of standard brackish water diaphragm under low operating pressure, so as to reduce the operation cost of the system; Edi310, an electric desalting product, adopts a unique patented design of spiral structure with no leakage and easy maintenance, which can reduce the maintenance cost

the MBR model launched by Dow this time has attracted many professional audiences: the strong and homogeneous polyvinylidene fluoride fiber has super pollution resistance and chemical corrosion resistance; The single head fixed seaweed type design can increase the filtration area, and the membrane wire can get greater disturbance during aeration, reduce the possibility of being blocked by pollution, and optimize the effect of air washing. The product is currently optimizing the operating parameters on a large number of test devices, and the formal product will be introduced to the market next year

increase investment and strive for excellence

adhere to the concept of continuous innovation and excellence, and Dow vigorously invested in research and development to ensure that it is in the forefront of the global water treatment industry. In 2009, Dow invested about $1.6 billion in research and development. The distinction between electronic universal testing machine and hydraulic universal testing machine is as follows: in terms of structural characteristics, electronic universal testing machine mainly has two ways, ranking first in the entire chemical industry. The water treatment technology application center located in Shanghai Dow center is composed of two core parts: one is the heavy-duty laboratory, which is mainly used for the comprehensive detection and analysis of membrane products; The other part is the light laboratory, which mainly serves the application and R & D of ion exchange resin technology. In addition, Dow also has a membrane technology research and development center in Huzhou production base

Dow responds to different types of complex water quality with a targeted product portfolio. Wang Xiaolan, Greater China business director of Dow water treatment and process solutions business department, said that China's water quality is very complex. For the same product, in the face of different water quality, it is necessary to adjust the process flow in a targeted manner in order to meet the water use requirements. "Our research and development is not limited to scientists in the water treatment department, but with the help of many core research and development forces of Dow, which enables us to deal with all kinds of complex water sources, whether sea water or urban sewage"

Nuggets municipal water treatment market

in addition to continuous technological innovation, Dow water treatment and process solutions business department continues to optimize and cultivate local teams. During the exhibition, Dow also announced that in view of China's rapidly developing municipal water treatment market, a new municipal water treatment solution team was formed. Relying on Dow's overall innovative technology, international products, rich application experience, strong process design ability and project implementation ability, Dow is committed to providing water treatment technology that meets the element characteristics and treatment standards that can distinguish wear particles in China's municipal water quality spectrum Products and solutions

Wang Xiaolan believes that China's municipal water treatment, especially sewage reuse, is developing faster and has greater potential than other countries. First, China's industry is developing faster than other countries, and there is a large demand for water; The second is that China's water resources are unevenly distributed and the overall water source is scarce. Therefore, wastewater reuse is of great importance to China. More importantly, the Chinese government has also seen the importance of water resources protection for sustainable development. The upcoming "12th Five Year Plan" has made it clear to increase special investment in sewage reuse and the construction of municipal sewage treatment plants. It is believed that advanced water treatment technology suppliers represented by Dow will play an active role in this field

looking ahead, Tang Shaoshan is full of confidence: "Next year is the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, and we are very much looking forward to the government's upcoming water resources utilization policy to guide sustainable development. Dow has advanced technology, and the Ministry of industry and information technology, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, and the Ministry of finance have organized relevant academicians and experts to set up a drafting group to integrate and utilize it. The introduction of the new policy will help Dow move towards a more environmentally friendly, cleaner production, and more Make greater contributions to the development of energy conservation and emission reduction. "

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