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Dow unveiled API China 2013 innovative solutions to help manufacturers shorten R & D cycles and reduce production costs

Shanghai, China - November 13, 2013 - November 13-15, 2013, Dow's pharmaceutical and food solutions business department (NYSE: Dow) will bring a new generation of Mido show? (METHOCEL?) DC2 direct pressing excipients were unveiled at the 71st China international pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, packaging and Equipment Fair held in Suzhou (API's internal molecular structure will change with the change of working conditions due to different materials, china2013). This new product is committed to helping the pharmaceutical industry shorten the different cycles of product R & D pull range and reduce the production cost by up to 60%. It helps to make h: it avoids many disadvantages such as the hydraulic system working for a long time, the oil circuit temperature is too high and needs to be cooled. Pharmaceutical manufacturers turn to dry granulation and direct tablet pressing for the production of slow-release matrix tablets

Yarra pressure test of Dow medicine and food solutions business department: test various tests such as product stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, two-point extension, etc; Ms. Huang Zhixian, director of Commerce of Pacific region, said: "customers expect us to constantly develop solutions for their needs to help them maintain competitiveness and promote business growth. The innovative drug granulation solutions provided by Dow will help pharmaceutical companies save time and cost."

medico show? (METHOCEL?) DC2 direct pressing excipients are from meiduoxiu? (METHOCEL?) Cr (controlled release) pharmaceutical excipients product series can help pharmaceutical manufacturers replace wet granulation with other methods to produce skeleton tablets, save up to 60% of production costs, reduce waste and shorten the research and development cycle. In addition, the granulation method of direct tablet pressing can also provide a more ideal formulation solution for pharmaceutical active ingredients (API) that are sensitive to temperature and humidity

meiduoxiu? (METHOCEL?) DC2 polymer has excellent fluidity and processability, as well as stable slow and controlled release performance in matrix formula. Show with Mido? (METHOCEL?) Compared with Cr, meiduoxiu? (METHOCEL?) DC2 can realize the optimization of processing performance on the basis of ensuring the consistency of viscosity, methoxy/Hydroxypropyl Substitution Degree and other important characteristics of Cr brand. In fact, by Mido show? (METHOCEL?) The tablets made of DC2 also have better production reproducibility, which can ensure the uniformity of weight, hardness and API content to a greater extent

meiduoxiu? (METHOCEL?) DC2 will be jointly promoted by Dow and Carrefour. Ms. Huang Zhixian said, "the alliance between Dow and kallikang will provide maximum customer value for accelerating drug development worldwide. This is also a perfect example of the combination of Dow's professional leadership in polymer and material science and kallikang's strong support in formula application."

in order to transfer Dow's expertise in the field of compounds and create a professional platform for Dow to share, communicate and discuss with industry insiders, Dow medicine and food solutions business department has established creativity? College of health. The college adheres to solutionism, which provides professional solutions? Concept, which integrates the professional wisdom of global customer application, scientific research and development, quality, laws and regulations, and six sigma process control, and is committed to providing customers with the professional technology required for optimizing formula and innovative drug delivery solutions in the industry

Meiduo show is also on display during the exhibition? (METHOCEL?) VLV excipients, which have outstanding advantages in shortening the coating time, improving production efficiency and saving energy consumption, are suitable for the coating and granulation of damp heat sensitive drugs and the coating of small pill isolation coating

Ms. Huang Zhixian said, "with our expertise in polymer technology, a strong global R & D team and the innovative ability of Dow's core technology achievements, we will make unremitting efforts to create unlimited value for promoting customers' business and serving patients."

if you want to know more about the above product technology, you are welcome to visit Dow booth 3bp22 in Suzhou International Expo Center to have an in-depth interaction with Dow professionals on site

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