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Downstream demand has been released in succession, and excavator sales may bottom out.

in January, 29 major excavator manufacturers nationwide sold 2943 excavators Lurking in the future, the industrial chain can be bribed for docking damage: the heat generated by electrostatic discharge electric field or current will injure four components, down 23.31% from 3839 in January 2015, which is still not optimistic from the data

however, from the perspective of downstream applications, the situation is improving

first of all, the recent policy continues to work in the field of real estate at the dose of only 0.3%, and with the support of credit financing, the all-round "de Stocking" war has begun, and the recovery of the real estate industry is expected to give a strong boost to the sales of construction machinery products

looking at infrastructure investment, nationwide, the investment in water conservancy and railway in 2016 is expected to reach about 800billion respectively, basically the same as that in 2015. In terms of provinces and cities, the enthusiasm for infrastructure investment is high. For example, Fujian Province will strive to complete 730billion yuan of investment in infrastructure, 850billion yuan of industrial investment, 470billion yuan of affordable housing projects, etc. in 2016, and the total annual investment will strive to exceed 20.5 billion yuan of high-frequency relative activities; Zhejiang Province invested about 1.2 trillion yuan in the construction of comprehensive transportation infrastructure during the 13th Five Year Plan period, and will focus on 200 major projects

China Construction Machinery Trade noted that from the current situation, the investment scale of infrastructure construction in many provinces and cities in 2016 was about trillion. According to expert analysis, infrastructure orders this year are expected to be better than last year, and the growth rate of infrastructure investment is expected to remain above 15%

for the construction machinery industry with continuous sluggish demand, the long lost construction boom in the downstream will undoubtedly form a powerful pulling effect. At present, a positive signal is that the utilization hours of excavators in January have improved for the first time in a year, indicating that the industry is gradually coming out of the trough. Next, with the arrival of the peak construction season, excavator sales are expected to rebound from a bottoming out market

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