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Dow won the Jung technological innovation award in the packaging industry

Shanghai, China - July 19, 2012 - Dow functional packaging business won the Jung technological innovation award again with its R & D robondtml - China is still at the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, and the 95D (water-based single component adhesive) with great downward pressure. The award is one of the most famous awards in the industry. Its award ceremony and China International processing, packaging and printing technology exhibition will be held in Shanghai on July 19. Dow will attend and accept the award

robondtml-95d was developed by Dow Chemical's R & D center in Buffalo grove, Illinois, and Dow Shanghai Technology Center in China. It adopts Dow's unique acrylic lotion technology, pays attention to the perfect balance between product performance and simple operation, and can also create sustainable development benefits for packaging manufacturers

"Jung is the most famous trade media organization in Asia and the Middle East, and it is our supreme honor to be recognized by Jung, which also marks the success of our sustainable water-based adhesive technology," said Huang Zhuling, vice president of Asia Pacific Business in charge of functional plastics, "This kind of adhesive is designed to meet the development of the Asian flexible packaging market, because the Asian market has a direct demand for sustainable packaging. Dow has long been a global leader in water-based adhesive technology, and has always been committed to the development of environmentally friendly packaging, and has many successful cases around the world.

robondl-95d developed by Dow is mainly suitable for two kinds of substrates, aluminum coating and transparent film, which not only eliminates the premixing process, And it is widely used, which greatly improves the production efficiency of processors. Robondtml-95d is a new member of Dow's water-based adhesive product series, which not only helps significantly improve the safety of the workplace, but also completely avoids the problem of solvent emissions, thus more fully demonstrating Dow's commitment to sustainable development

Jung is a major publisher of trade publications in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, providing industry leaders with the technical information, solutions and applied knowledge they need to improve their production and marketing capabilities. Since its establishment in 2006, the Jung technological innovation award has been dedicated to recognizing technological innovation in the food and beverage industry, involving packaging, processing and food safety technologies

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