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Dow won the title of "outstanding employer in China" for seven consecutive years

[Shanghai, December 22, 2014] Dow Chemical Company won the title of "outstanding employer in China" for the seventh consecutive year, which was awarded by the world-famous "outstanding employer research institution". This year, Dow once again stood out from more than 500 candidates, especially in talent strategy, entry, career development and succession management, and became an excellent model for how to combine talent training with enterprise business development strategy. Dow is the only material science company in the chemical industry that has won this honor for seven consecutive years

Peter Wong, President of Dow Chemical Greater China, said: "Talent training and development play a central role in the growth and success of our business in China. While vigorously promoting and implementing our development strategy in China, we have always worked hard to create the best workplace, so as to ensure that the company and employees achieve a win-win situation - not only attract and retain the best talents to achieve our business growth goals, but also provide the best opportunities and platforms for employees' career development."

Dow's China development strategy pays special attention to talent development, launching a series of innovative talent projects, such as "commando College" and "Greater China leadership team community", to encourage every employee to participate in and contribute to all aspects of the company's development strategy

Zhu Yan, director of human resources of Dow Greater China, said: "At Dow, we provide employees with personalized development planning, rich learning and training platforms, job rotation, tutorial system and leadership training plan. The development of logistics industry must be supported by perfect infrastructure, so that they can always be at the forefront of their respective fields. Any employee, whether new or old, has a suitable way to career success."

Dow has always had a good reputation as an outstanding employer in China, with high employee satisfaction and low turnover rate. Dow has about 3500 employees in Greater China, 99% of whom are local talents

the top employers institute conducts a comprehensive survey of Chinese employers participating in the election every year to evaluate the comprehensive performance of Companies in key areas such as talent strategy, human resource planning, entry, learning and development, performance management, leadership development, career development and succession management, compensation and welfare, culture and so on

about Dow Chemical Company

Dow (nyse: Dow) is a diversified chemical company, which uses the power of science and technology to constantly innovate and create a better life for mankind. Through the organic combination of chemistry, physics and Bioscience, the company promotes innovation and creates value, and makes every effort to solve many challenges in today's world, such as meeting the demand for clean water, realizing the production and conservation of clean energy, and improving crop yields. With its integrated, market driven, industry-leading specialty chemicals, high-tech materials, demand raised by product research and development, agricultural science, plastics and other businesses, Dow provides customers in about 180 countries and regions around the world with a wide range of products and services, which are used in packaging, electronic products, water treatment, coatings, agriculture and other fast-growing markets. In 2013, Dow's annual sales exceeded US $57billion, with about 53000 employees worldwide and 20 operations in 36 countries and regions, which is likely to set off a disruptive new technology and new industrial revolution sweeping the world. A factory has more than 6000 products. Unless otherwise specified, "Dow" or "company" refers to Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiaries. There are more than 40 companies that have accelerated the layout of lithium battery related businesses. For further information, please visit Dow's page:

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