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Dow will show a number of polyurethane technology progress on CPI

Midland, Michigan, USA news: Dow polyurethanes will show their performance in natural oil-based polyols, rigid foams for automobiles, and polyurethane foam for construction at the polyurethane Technology Expo (CPI) held in San Antonio, Texas, from September 29 to October 1, 2008, The latest progress in industrial blowing agents and other polyurethane chemical fields. Technical experts from Dow will introduce ten papers on Dow's development of cost-effective, technology driven processes and products to support the development of sustainable chemical industry and help customers achieve success

Dow will introduce the following technical papers at the CPI Technology Expo:

zero ozone depletion potential of devices for the commercial device Market polyurethane chemistry and equipment technology vehicles have a rapid cycle of excellent acoustic properties. For the second error low-density vehicle NVH solution, polyurethane foam material is placed on the substrate and surface materials to optimize the performance of automotive dashboard composite components adhesive, Sealant and elastomer polyurethane elastomer based on 1,3 and 1,4 bis (isocyanate methyl) cyclohexane building polyurethane foam foaming agent performance comparison in the production of rigid continuous plates elastic foam viscoelastic foam compression resilience for viscoelastic composition with excellent performance and processing fair development, orderly production, efficient utilization, advanced technology The intensively developed rare earth industry continues the pattern of healthy development. The next generation of polyol natural oil based foam, he wrote in "the challenge of automotive interior product performance design to materials" Report the recoverable content determination of natural oil-based polyols and foam of middle alcohols. Renuva technology for molding foam application. Technical progress of base polyols. Natural oil for viscoelastic foam using renuva technology. Otherwise, the thickness will be seriously uneven in hot state after 1 drawing. Technical progress of base polyols

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