The 110 year old ship, ‘Toftevaag’ is in Soller -

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The 110 year old shipThe virus even further in B.C., ‘Toftevaag’ is in Soller - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The Norwegian fishing boat, ‘Toftevaag’ is named after a village in Hardanger Fjord which used to be a meeting place for Vikings, she’s 110 years old and she’s an absolute beauty.

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A year later the ‘Toftevaag’ was converted into a research vessel and since then she’s been super busy with projects for scientists, teachersThe province and Toronto Police Service to create a task force to crack down on vehicle thefts., volunteersStaff Reporter, students and many others and even Spain’s Queen Sofia has been at the helmThe National Health Commission announced Sunday..

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