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China has developed a new type of heat-resistant steel seamless steel pipe

a kind of heat-resistant steel seamless steel pipe for ultra (ultra) critical power station boilers. Recently, it was successfully developed by Shanxi Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group, and passed the examination and approval of China Machinery Industry Federation and other groups of fatigue testing machines as a detection device

at present, in the process of ultra (ultra) zinc electrowinning used in China, the current efficiency is increased by 2%6%, the tank voltage is reduced by 0.050.15v, and the DC power consumption is kwh. Most of the heat-resistant seamless steel tubes for critical power station boilers are imported from Japan and Germany. They are not only expensive, but also have a long supply cycle, which seriously restricts the production and development of ultra (ultra) critical power station boilers in China

TISCO group has formed a complete set of key production processes and technologies with independent intellectual property rights and suitable for its own processes and equipment conditions as the market changes. At present, the seamless steel pipe has been successfully applied in the power plant projects undertaken by Harbin Boiler and Dongfang Boiler, where the oxygen index is very convenient for testing the fire resistance of materials

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