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The new valve contributes to beverage filling. Two components of FESTO help elop Dow packaging and special plastics business department always adhere to this sustainable development goal. The container loading system produced by AK company is both hygienic and easy to maintain. Last December, at a press conference held at FESTO's German headquarters, Mr. Lauri nurminen, sales manager of Elopak company, introduced the advantages of FESTO's CDVI clean design valve and CDN clean design hydraulic cylinder

install three FESTO pneumatic valves on the machine: a cargo shipping part close to the machine; The other one is installed near the extrapolator for cargo shipment; There is also one installed above the container classification mechanism of the machine. The valve controls different hydraulic cylinders of the machine. The container classification guide rail is pneumatically driven at the container feed. The CIP valve is also pneumatically controlled

the system can complete a series of complex actions. First, a group of containers are pushed onto the workbench of the container loader, and then a loading plate is pushed to the cargo loading position; This group of containers are pushed onto the container shelf by the propeller, which moves up and down through the pneumatic mechanism to control the cargo. In 2018, global peek will usher in the peak demand. The cargo loader will rise and fall. The cargo shipping and output unit is pneumatically locked. The cargo feed and output safety doors are driven by hydraulic cylinders, and then move to the next shelf to continue loading. Repeat this four times until the truck is full

the whole machine is controlled by Q series PLC of Mitsubishi company and is directly connected to the valve terminal mechanism. Elopak also uses Mitsubishi's connection network to facilitate communication between the machine and the production line control system

in terms of application, this clean valve can be used in the dairy industry or other beverage filling fields, and can operate smoothly even in humid environment. Taking fresh milk as an example, the container can carry 160 liters of fresh milk, with a transmission capacity ranging from 5000 to 13000 units/hour. How to evaluate the achievement of the development goal of "1025" new material industry? The rusty steel protective cover works normally and can be directly installed on the machine to save space

in terms of maintenance, the hydraulic cylinder requires very little cleaning. It is totally enclosed and will not accumulate dust on the hydraulic cylinder, so it is easy to maintain; At the same time, because the hydraulic cylinder is encapsulated in the aluminum shell, it also has strong anti-corrosion function

information source: Modern Packaging

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