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Japan has developed a new type of color conductive coating

Japan has developed a new type of color conductive coating

July 22, 2002

at present, the conductive floor coating has a single color, mostly dark gray and dark green, and it is very difficult to mix the color, light color and brightness of the product. Now, 23-k conductive zinc oxide, which is exclusively produced by Japan Baishui technology industry, is basically

white. As long as a small amount is added, the color diversity of the coating can be realized, and a series of

light colors such as bright light green and light blue can be made after the above steps are repeated several times, which greatly meets the international trend of many it users' increasingly rich personalized, bright

and efficient color selection in the working environment

compatibility: users can freely mix according to their color needs. It is fully compatible with epoxy resin, carbon black, conductive mica and

aggregate. The use method is simple and convenient. Environmental protection: it does not contain antimony, tin, indium and other substances harmful to human body in general conductive powder, which is conducive to environmental protection and does not damage the health of workers, especially the connecting threads of each oil pipe

main use 1 Conductive floor coating. 2. conductive powder coating. 3. anti static rubber, elastomer, conveyor belt and inner drum of copier. 4. special paper for electrostatic recording and imaging. 5. the packaging manufacturers of anti-static

resin, semiconductors, wafers and other electronic parts must have the work of "introducing inserts to local parts can improve the performance of personnel on the spot. 6. anti-static fiber products. 7. anti-static shoes, anti-static gloves, anti-static shoe covers, etc

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