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Clarifoil is a professional company that produces cellulose acetate and film packaging cartons. Recently, it has developed a new type of paperboard ultrawhite to increase whiteness for use in cosmetics and personal care products

at present, on the one hand, consumers prefer white packaging for series products in the personal care and beauty market; on the other hand, the new ultrawhite has a very good feel. Clarifoil said that ultrawhite has a high brightness surface, which looks like silk according to the news and feels very smooth. Carton manufacturers can choose ultrawhite coated cartons according to their needs and the type of machine

it is said that the cellulose acetate structure contained in ultrawhite is biodegradable and recyclable. The wood pulp used to produce ultrawhite cartons comes from artificial forests and is a renewable product

Willins, commerce minister of Clarifoil, said: "the increasing trend of retail industry shows that consumers prefer personal care products with special white packaging, which will cause blockage of valves and oil circuits and possible vibration of machines. We produce ultrawhite cartons to meet this market demand."

some designers who adopt ultrawhite products can not help but make people doubt te products, saying: "ultrawhite has attracted our attention and added new elements to our design."

information source: business information of printing materials in China

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