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New freeze-dried millet porridge comes out vacuum freeze-drying technology exudes infinite "charm"

Abstract: when it comes to vacuum drying technology, you may think of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried red dates, lotus seeds and tremella soup, freeze-dried walnut protein powder, etc., which also shows that freeze-drying technology has been widely used in food processing industry

recently, a team of teachers and students of a university in Zhejiang improved the traditional process, adopted modern food processing technology, and developed a nutritious, delicious, convenient and fast instant food substitute on the basis of traditional health food, realizing the high nutritional value of the product

according to relevant people, instant millet porridge is prepared by using high-pressure steaming and ripening technology, freeze-drying technology, ultra-fine grinding technology and fluidized bed granulation technology to prepare freeze-dried millet and ultra-fine millet particles. At the same time, the sea cucumber freeze-dried granules are prepared by the split low-temperature stewing process and vacuum drying technology, which can not only ensure the traditional taste of health and nutrition, but also retain the characteristic aroma and inherent nutrients of grain ingredients to the greatest extent

when it comes to vacuum drying technology, you may think of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried red dates, lotus seeds, tremella soup, freeze-dried walnut protein powder, etc., which also shows that freeze-drying technology has been widely used in food processing industry. The author learned that at the conference of Yunnan walnut industry innovation achievements, the new zero addition walnut and fresh milk deep-processing yogurt developed by applying modern fermentation technology and modern ultra-low temperature freeze-drying technology came out, which not only broke through the problem of short shelf-life of lactic acid milk products, realized the shelf-life of yogurt at room temperature for one year, but also made the yogurt taste better, with higher nutritional value and easier to eat

industry insiders say that the color, aroma, taste and shape of food dried by vacuum freeze dryer remain unchanged. It can also keep the original active ingredients and nutrition of food, keep those volatile heat sensitive ingredients from losing, and maximize the original nutritional ingredients. In addition, vacuum freeze-drying can inhibit the harmful effects of bacteria and enzymes, effectively prevent oxidation, so that food can be stored and transported at room temperature for a long time after packaging, and reduce the use of preservatives

relevant personnel of Zhangzhou Canned Food Association said that the food processing industry should adopt high-temperature vacuum sterilization technology and vacuum freeze-drying technology in the process, ensure the product quality safety in the sterilization link, continuously create safe, nutritious and healthy new food for consumers, and realize the continuous development of enterprises through special manufacturing processes

the author learned that the traditional drying process will lead to the shrinkage of tea leaves and the destruction of tea cells due to the increase of temperature, which has changed the quality of tea. (2) measuring the yield limit of low carbon steel σ S and strength limit of cast iron σ B quality. For Anxi oolong tea, FD is used to process tea for the first time. The combination of freeze-drying and microwave drying can not only speed up the drying, but also reduce the water content of tea to less than 2%. After vacuum, the shelf life of tea will be greatly extended, which can generally reach about 1 year

it is understood that Changzhou WANQUN company has been deeply engaged in the research and development of drying equipment. It is a well-known domestic drying equipment expert. Its vacuum freeze-drying equipment is different from the paddle dryer. It adopts sandwich heating and is equipped with an agitator, which can make the materials form a continuous circulating state in the cylinder and further improve the uniformity of material heating. In addition, a scraper agitator is also equipped to continuously remove the materials on the hot surface and form a circulating flow in the container. After evaporation, the water is pumped away by the vacuum pump, so as to ensure the quality of dry materials

generally speaking, China's freeze-drying technology can be divided into two types according to its functions: digital display and microcomputer control. The application advantages are obvious, but compared with developed countries, the basic research of this technology is lagging behind and weak. There are (3) countries are about to eliminate the water penetration process for steel production, which hinders the improvement of the technical level. Drying equipment manufacturing enterprises need to carry out targeted research and development according to the actual situation, such as the research on the physical parameters, influencing factors and process parameters of freeze-drying, so as to continuously improve the comprehensive performance of products, meet the market demand and improve their competitiveness. In addition, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, freeze-dried food will have a huge consumer market, and the development prospect of vacuum freeze dryer will be increasingly broad

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