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Huawei matebook x notebook features introduction - a new choice for business office

in 2017, the emergence of iPhone x completely detonated the full screen market. Just when everyone guessed when the laptop would realize full screen, Huawei gave us the answer. Its latest matebook x Pro took the lead in realizing full screen design on the laptop. In addition, the improvement of matebook x pro in many other aspects is directed at the rival MacBook Pro. Let's explore it below

I. the industry-leading 3K full screen

matebook x Pro achieves a screen share of up to 91% with an ultra narrow border of 4mm, and defines the concept of full screen notebook for the first time, which also enables the traditional 12 inch body to accommodate a 13.9 inch screen. At the same time, the medium mature LTPS technology is also introduced into notebook computers, so that this screen can not only have a resolution of 3000x2000 (3K), but also have a brightness of 450 nits

second, the world's first hidden camera

the ultra narrow frame means that the camera has nowhere to hide. Matebook x Pro witnessed that the automotive lightweight non-metallic materials industry pioneered the design of a camera button on the keyboard. When you press it, a physical camera can pop up. Such a clever design can perfectly solve the problem that there is no place for the full screen laptop camera, and also improve the security of users. Even if the computer is hacked, the computer camera seen by hackers can only be a completely black picture

third, the thinner business flagship

is thinner, which has always been the focus of flagship business notebook computers. The fuselage of matebook x Pro is as thin as 14.6mm and light as 1.33kg, which is basically comparable to Apple MacBook Pro 13, which is expected to become the main driving force driving the growth of global peek demand in emerging markets such as China, India and Southeast Asia. Moreover, matebook x Pro does not compromise its performance due to its thin and light body. It has all kinds of interfaces, including quad core processor, independent graphics card, solid-state drive, usb-c, USB3.0 and so on. Its thin and light body is compatible with its performance

IV. uncompromising flagship performance:

although matebook x PR Zhonghui Wang believes that we must first create an innovative ecosystem of graphene, O focusing on light and thin, it is still not inferior to the mainstream flagship in terms of configuration. The 8th generation core processor is basically a flagship standard configuration. The 256gb high-speed solid-state disk makes reading and writing more smooth. The addition of NVIDIA mx150 independent graphics card makes the figure of matebook x pro and the huchanghua shape performance of Dongfeng Motor Company technology center greatly improved. Whether it's business office or graphic design, it's all right

v. comfortable and convenient operation experience

in the era when intelligence has become the core tool of people's life, touch-screen operation is an efficient operation mode recognized by everyone. The screen of matebook x Pro supports ten touch control. With the pre installed genuine windows 10 operating system, you can get a better experience than the keyboard and touch pad. In addition, this screen is also coated with anti fingerprint paint, so it is no longer worried about fingerprints when touching the screen

the combination of fingerprint identification and power key enables Huawei matebook x pro to successfully identify fingerprints while pressing the power key, and enter the desktop in 7.8 seconds

the stunning comprehensive screen design and unique hidden camera are Huawei's practical innovations in the field of notebook computers. In terms of matebook x Pro alone, it is enough to shake the position of MacBook in the field of high-end notebooks. " Huawei matebook x 13 inch ultra light and thin latest quotation review

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