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Huawei lixucheng: solve the five challenges of smart city

Abstract: at this year's Huawei full connection conference, the author interviewed lixucheng, the director of Huawei's joint innovation and solutions Cooperation Department, on the construction of smart city

at this year's Huawei all connect conference, the author interviewed Li Xucheng, director of Huawei's joint innovation and solutions Cooperation Department, on the construction of smart cities

Minister Li Xucheng pointed out that the current smart city construction mainly faces five challenges:

first, the lack of overall planning and top-level design

smart city construction should start from the overall perspective, design the overall architecture, and comprehensively consider and design all aspects, all levels, all participating forces, all positive promoting factors and negative limiting factors of the entire architecture. If we don't do this and adopt the automatic Anping laser plumber for the measurement of the verticality of the center line, then all links and plates of the smart city can't be organically combined, and the more investment and construction, the more it chimneys will be built. System fragmentation and data impassability are not the goal of smart city construction

II. Project fragmentation

in many places, there are many projects in the construction of smart cities, many of which are small. This seems to divide the construction of smart cities, but it actually brings many new problems, such as resource coordination, project coordination, data sharing and so on. On the contrary, it is not conducive to the smooth progress of the construction of smart cities

third, the project decision-making cycle is long

the decision-making cycle of government projects is long, often more than 6 months. If the decision-making time is too long, the demander, the builder and the investor will have corresponding losses

fourth, it is difficult to guarantee funds

some local governments in the mainland are in financial tension, but the government has many advantageous resources. It is also worth considering whether these resources can be developed to solve the problem of fund guarantee

v. lack of deep understanding of new IT technologies

government personnel lack positive confirmation of the latest technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IOT, etc. Some are not clear about whether these new technologies can bring value to the construction of smart cities; Some people think that using these new technologies can solve all problems. Smart city construction is a systematic project. There are a set of left and right A-pillar panels produced every cycle, as well as management and other problems. Only by correctly understanding the new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and IOT, can these new technologies maximize their value

Minister Li Xucheng also gave them a new model to deal with these challenges: government authorization, Huawei led, PPP guaranteed funds. The government fully authorizes Huawei to integrate partner resources to undertake the construction of smart cities, and introduce third-party investment institutions in the PPP mode to ensure the capital investment of smart city construction

in terms of specific implementation, Minister Li Xucheng gave four suggestions:

first, in terms of capital guarantee. Solve the problem of government funds by introducing fund partners

II. Construction mode. Fund partners invest, Huawei takes the lead in unified planning and construction, and government procurement services

understand and master the requirements of the new national standard for raw materials. Third, in terms of government investment. It is no longer just the only aspect of capital investment. It can be to hand over the resources to the partners who use the material for thermal insulation of solar cells to cash in. The fund partners pay the funds to Huawei and other construction units. For it service providers such as Huawei, it is still the original model

IV. application landing. Huawei teamed up with funds, it service providers and other partners to build a complete cloud computing, IOT, big data application system. Each city can choose the advantageous fields first according to its own characteristics, and can also start in some common fields, such as Ping'an city

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