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Huawei n2510 won the bid for Italy's Enel open fiber national broadband project

[China, Shenzhen, January 5, 2017] Huawei recently announced that its n2510 optical fiber intelligent operation and maintenance scheme won the bid for Italy's Enel open fiber national broadband project. Following the Perugia project cooperation, Huawei will deploy optical fiber link support systems in 9 cities for open fiber (of). The system will help of realize the rapid acceptance and intelligent maintenance capability of FTTH Optical Fiber basic network, significantly improve the efficiency of business distribution and optical fiber fault location, reduce the operation and maintenance TCO (total operating cost), and accelerate the pace of FTTH construction

as the world's second largest power company and Italy's largest state-owned enterprise, Enel established its subsidiary open fiber (of) in December 2015 to undertake the construction of national broadband based on Italy's national UBB (ultra broadband) strategy. According to the national broadband project implementation plan, operators have accelerated the network layout in developed regions. Of plans to complete the construction of broadband networks in more than 250 provinces and cities in the next five years, covering 9.5 million users. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly build high-quality FTTH ODN (optical distribution network) and complete the acceptance. FTTH industry has a very wide speed regulation range and beam moving distance

traditional ODN project acceptance has two major rdquo; Difficulties: difficult project quality monitoring and high labor cost of acceptance. The on-site acceptance process is complex, so it is impossible to test port by port and monitor the construction. Once there are quality problems, the project needs to be reworked and rebuilt, and the risk is very high; Hand held testers are usually used for acceptance, and the acceptance data cannot be saved, reused and reviewed, which requires the cooperation of two or more people, and requires high personnel skills. In addition, due to the lack of effective tools or means, the traditional ODN operation and maintenance is faced with problems such as difficulty in distinguishing the fault scope and locating the fault location, and the operation and maintenance cost remains high

Huawei n2510 optical fiber intelligent assurance solution has the ability of high-quality and fast ODN acceptance, and one person can independently complete the engineering acceptance of the entire ODN: its modular high-density and large capacity test system can save about 50% of the deployment space compared with the traditional scheme; The intelligent OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) function will support rapid fault separation and accurate fault location. Huawei n2510 is a professional line testing and line support system, which supports the deployment of copper wire and optical fiber. The second transmission mode can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission, such as fault sharing, accurate fault location and active operation and maintenance, so as to meet the strict requirements of different operators for line and service security. Huawei n2510 can help of improve ODN acceptance efficiency and optical materials also have a certain "memory" fiber network operation and maintenance ability, and use efficient optical fiber support system to reduce the overall TCO and continuously improve competitiveness

up to now, nine mainstream operators in Western Europe have chosen Huawei n2510 to provide them with line operation and maintenance guarantee schemes. As a global leader in ultra wideband, Huawei has always insisted on providing operators with cost-effective ultra wideband solutions to help them build their core competitiveness, enable operators to succeed in business, and jointly build a better connected world

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