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Huawei's joint partners released tsn+opc UA test bed covering six scenarios, and Ni TSN technology became a key link

China industrial control and industrial control information. Huawei's joint partners released tsn+opc UA test bed covering six scenarios, and Ni TSN technology became a key link

Huawei, together with 20 + international organizations and well-known manufacturers, released tsn+opc UA test bed covering six scenarios of industrial interconnection at the 2018 Hannover Industrial Expo, and worked together to promote edge computing, Recently, the industrial interconnection Industry Alliance (AII), avnu alliance, edge computing industry alliance (ECC), Fraunhofer fokus, Huawei, National Instruments (Ni), Schneider Electric, B & R and more than 20 international organizations and well-known manufacturers in the industry made up half of the industrial interconnection. At the 2018 Hannover Industrial Expo, the world's largest industrial exhibition, TSN (time sensitive network, time sensitive harmonic interference can not be ignored Networking) +opc UA (OPC unified architecture) test bed, which includes six industrial interconnection scenarios, such as predictive maintenance network, motion control synchronization scene, and mapping motion control, was jointly released. As we all know, the combination of TSN and OPC UA is a key driving factor for new technologies such as predictive maintenance, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is also an important support to help industrial enterprises land in the last mile of industrial interconnection, improve the overall efficiency of equipment and reduce costs

the joint release of tsn+opc UA testbed, which includes six scenarios of industrial interconnection, is not only a key step towards achieving more cost-effective industrial field information interaction, but also will further promote the digital transformation of the industry. Thanks to its years of accumulation in the field of TSN, Ni and Huawei have built a distributed motion control synchronization system in the tsn+opc UA test bed released this time. By simulating rich real intelligent manufacturing scenarios and cooperating with the demo of other five industrial interconnection scenarios, Ni and Huawei have jointly verified the high certainty and low delay of TSN network. At the same time, it also includes Ni The vision of these 20 + leading international organizations and manufacturers, including Huawei, to work together to open up the last mile of industrial interconnection is mainly reflected in the concentrated expression of "cold winter and hot summer". In the industry, HANNOVER MESSE is known as the wind vane of global industrial technology development. Rahman Jamal, Ni's business technology fellow, said when invited to attend the joint release ceremony of tsn+opc UA test bed held by Huawei at the same time of HANNOVER MESSE 2018 that Ni joined the first tsn+opc UA test bed led by the industrial interconnection Industry Alliance (IIC) in 2016, Today, the case presented by our partner Huawei once again emphasizes the importance of TSN to the industrial IOT, which is also proved by the continuous investment and leadership of Ni in the field of TSN. Rahman added: as a member of the standard setting team of IEEE, Ni has always played an active role; We are also a member of the avnu alliance board of directors; In addition, Ni is also the chairman of the tscn working group of OPC foundation; Finally, as an active member of IIC, we have led and promoted many test bed projects. In addition, more importantly, Ni has launched products that support TSN and OPC UA. We are very proud to implement tsn+opc UA technology as the primary solution in the field of synchronous and deterministic communication. Ensure that our customers can create interoperable testing, measurement and control systems

Figure 1 Rahman Jamal (5 on the left), director of Ni market strategy and technology, was invited to participate in the joint release ceremony of tsn+opc UA test bed held by Huawei at the same time of 2018 Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany

jointly release the motion control synchronization system with Huawei. Ni TSN technology cannot be less

as mentioned earlier, in this tsn+opc UA test bed containing six industrial interconnection scenarios, Ni's contribution focuses on the demonstration scheme of motion control synchronization scenario. Based on two Ni compactrio embedded controllers supporting TSN function, Ni provides a demonstration scheme of distributed motion control system. Combined with the high reliability and ultra-low delay TSN ring provided by the test bed, it shows the application scenario of high-precision synchronization and real-time communication between multiple control nodes, and also verifies the high certainty and low time delay of TSN network to ensure strict synchronization of industrial scenes in complex environments

Figure 2 Rahman Jamal (first from the right), director of Ni market strategy and technology, explained on the spot how Ni TSN technology is applied to the whole tsn+opc UA test bed

according to Yi Xilu, a marketing engineer of Ni technology, in the demonstration scheme of this distributed motion control synchronization system, two Ni compactrio are combined to form a server client interconnected system, which are respectively connected to the stepping motor and control its motion. Based on TSN technology, the synchronization accuracy between two control nodes can reach 1US. During the test, when Ni attempts to send a series of interference data (such as video streaming data) in TSN ring, the system can still maintain the accuracy and synchronization of control operation. This means that based on the traffic scheduling function of TSN network, the system can effectively coordinate the priority of OT and it data transmission, and ensure the certainty and real-time of control signal transmission. Yi Xilu added

Figure 3 In conjunction with Huawei, Ni released a motion control synchronization system based on TSN technology

solve the non real-time and non unified industrial interconnection. Ni believes that tsn+opc UA has some experience

focus on the current development status of industrial IOT. From the perspective of interconnection, on the one hand, the existing network is difficult to meet the needs of high safety, high real-time and high reliability of industrial production; On the other hand, due to the lack of unified standard interfaces, it is generally faced with difficulties such as poor interoperability. Therefore, the network system supported by information and communication technology has become the key to the advanced development of the industrial IOT. As a group of protocol clusters located in the data link layer, TSN, which changes the Ethernet uncertainty from the underlying architecture, is like a surprise: a high bandwidth of 1gbit/s; Seamless integration of existing applications and interoperability of standard it networks; S-level deterministic transmission time and ns level low delay/high synchronization of time synchronization between nodes; Many advantages, such as high security, make TSN a methodology to help iiot accelerate real-time evolution

Figure 4 Ni believes that the continuous deepening of industrial interconnection makes high bandwidth and real-time industrial field information interaction become the key

although TSN is still in the stage of technical finalization testing, TSN has indeed developed rapidly in recent years, especially in 2017, avnu alliance, industrial interconnection Alliance (IIC) and OPC foundation announced the introduction of OPC UA in TSN, and will cooperate with it-ot industry leaders to promote the interoperability of industrial IOT and industrial 4.0 applications, which has shocked the industry

if TSN, which focuses on product interoperability and stability, mainly solves the problem of underlying data acquisition, providing high certainty and low delay of network communication; OPC UA solves the problem of application layer semantic parsing. It provides a platform independent service-oriented architecture, provides the necessary infrastructure for the interoperability of the whole enterprise, and truly realizes the interaction between different manufacturers and different devices. The unified channel based on the two will not only completely unify the service standards of the data link, but also be more likely to break the structure of traditional industry. Therefore, the industry generally believes that the integration of TSN and OPC UA will bring a new situation to the whole industrial interconnection. At present, many mainstream manufacturers of industrial automation who are at the forefront of technology have begun to carry out research and Practice on tsn+opc UA, and Ni is one of them

it is optimistic that TSN is a new outlet for industrial interconnection, and the Ni TSN product matrix continues to expand

dating back to November 2012, the IEEE 802.1 task force officially renamed AVB (Ethernet audio and video bridging technology) as TSN, and also established four application scenarios of TSN: professional audio and video (pro AV), automotive control, commercial electronics and the most extensive application in the future: all industrial fields that need real-time monitoring or real-time feedback. For an enterprise rooted in the field of testing and measurement, Ni is an all-round company with customers and business scope all over the world. Therefore, the focus of Ni's incubation product matrix is, on the one hand, to adhere to its own strategic core centered on software and its original intention to go deep into the testing needs of multiple industries; On the other hand, it focuses on how to form independent components that integrate new standards and new technologies based on existing products to meet the surge of market and user demand when new outlets appear in the industry

therefore, in 2012, as a member of IIC of the International Union of industrial things, Ni established a TSN task force to jointly define, standardize and promote the application of TSN with Cisco, Intel and other industry leaders. With the increasing maturity of TSN technology and its further integration with OPC UA, a fire has been added to the already hot TSN: the successive launch of Intel, Broadcom and marvel TSN chips, the first TSN products in the industry; And the switches supporting TSN launched by Cisco, Hirschmann and other companies, of course, also include many distributed edge computing platforms supporting TSN that Ni has continuously launched in the past two years:

in 2016, Ni launched the first IP67 level ic-317x series industrial controller for industrial IOT, which is suitable for extreme environments, providing the highest level of processing power and connectivity for automatic image processing and control applications

lniweek 2016, Ni released compactrio crio-9035 and crio-9039 embedded controllers that support TSN. Based on the TSN network synchronization between multiple real-time processors and FPGAs, the maximum synchronization accuracy will reach 100ns, which is especially suitable for building distributed control systems and coordinating ot+it traffic scheduling

lniweek 2017, Ni launched new compactdaq Chassis Based on TSN, cdaq-9185 and cdaq-9189. As an Ethernet chassis focusing on distributed measurement and synchronization, the compactdaq has a maximum synchronization accuracy of 100ns and a multi hop accuracy of 1 s

At the end of 2017, Ni announced the introduction of rugged distributed synchronous fielddaq equipment, and introduced TSN into the most demanding test units and outdoor environments. Because fielddaq integrates TSN, it can support the third-party TSN solutions of most industrial i/o and control manufacturers (such as Bosch, baccalais and Schneider Electric)

Figure 5 Ni continues to expand the TSN product matrix, showing its strength in the global TSN ecological alliance

of course, the new fielddaq is another product series in addition to industrial controllers, compactdaq and compactrio, and its launch will herald the further expansion of Ni TSN products. In the future, Ni will continue to vigorously promote the implementation of TSN technology and apply it in more industrial interconnection scenarios

surround products with ecology, Ni and industry benchmark enterprises jointly stir up TSN tuyere

internally, focusing on accumulating its own technological advantages; Externally, it actively explores the boundaries of industrial cooperation. As a leading enterprise in the testing and measurement industry, Ni is not only a member of IIC, which is the most widely used method to study the mechanical strength of materials, but also a member of the board of directors of avnu alliance. It is also a member of the executive director of China marginal computing industry alliance (ECC), and plays an important role in the global industrial interconnection ecosystem. In the field of TSN, Ni is also actively building its own TSN ecosystem

as early as niweek 2016, Ni, together with Cisco and Intel, launched the world's first TSN experience technology platform; At the beginning of 2017, Ni officially opened the industrial IOT lab, one of which is TSN flexible manufacturing, hoping to alliance with Cisco and avnu

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