The hottest Huawei mate8 was awarded the best flag

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Huawei mate8 has been rated as the "flagship of the year 2015"

smart. Today, hardware development has reached the ceiling. Under the condition of serious excess performance, users are obviously no longer satisfied with the cost performance that only stays on parameters. The competition of manufacturers should also be from parameter competition to real user experience competition. The right direction for brand development is to go deep into consumers throughout the process

Huawei's Mate Series undoubtedly provides an example for domestic brand manufacturers to make efforts in the high-end market. Since mate7 came into the market, it has become a star product whose exposed shaft end should protrude from the end face of the containing parts. The only price of Chinese products has climbed above 3000 yuan, once reaching about 4200 yuan, and the sales volume of a single model has reached 7million units. This is the pride of Huawei and the flag of domestic production. At least from the market reaction of this product, Chinese manufacturers are not only able to shop for 1000 yuan machines and 2000 yuan machines

in 2015, the sequel mate8 continued Huawei's brand appeal, gained popularity and public praise in the global market, and won several awards in the year-end major media selection. This time, Huawei mate8 won the most prestigious annual flagship award in the 2015 annual selection held by flying elephant, which is well deserved

innovation is the magic weapon for mate8 to win

if mate7 is a bold experiment of Huawei in the high-end business market, then mate8 is Huawei's fist product to establish the domestic high-end business leader position. Mate8 has led the trend of the domestic high-end market in many dimensions such as appearance design, function design, product concept, etc., and the Huawei brand based on the high-end has shown a first-class level in product power and innovation

mate8 adopts an integrated aviation grade aluminum metal fuselage in its shape design. The front panel adopts a 2.5D diamond trimmed suspended glass panel, equipped with a 6-inch large screen. In terms of hardware, mate 8 is equipped with Hisilicon's latest Kirin 950 processor and a 4000mAh high-capacity battery

Huawei mate 8's photographic ability cannot be underestimated. Its 8 is equipped with the world's first 16million Sony imx298 sensor, a new image signal processor and intelligent image engine 4.0 technology. It also adopts the three-axis optical anti shake lens group commonly used in top-level cameras, realizes the industry's largest 1.5 anti shake angle, and has hybrid fast focusing ability

in addition, Huawei mate8 has also upgraded fingerprint recognition. The square design is improved to the circular fingerprint design, which is more in line with the ergonomic design. The effective recognition area is increased by 10% in terms of weight. It is also the first to support the new NFC mobile payment standard of UnionPay. Huawei mate 8 not only supports 4g+ networks of China's three major operators, but also can automatically configure network parameters of 217 operators around the world. At the same time, it is also the dual card, dual standby and dual pass with the largest roaming frequency bands in the world. Mate 8 is also equipped with a new emui system based on Android 6.0, which can realize a variety of intelligent functions

foreign media also praise mate8.

Huawei's reputation in China is gradually rising, and it is also favored by consumers abroad. Therefore, Huawei mate8 has also been widely praised by foreign media

at the just concluded 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (ces2016) in Las Vegas, Huawei mate8 won a total of 13 awards, and was rated as the best product award by Engadget (addiction Technology) global popular technology for consumer electronics products. Because of its high-end configuration and fast fingerprint recognition system, it was rated as the best product award of ces2016 by Android authority and network world respectively, and was rated as the best intelligence award by techradar technology portal, It was rated as the best award, best intelligence and best product of the es2016 method for recycling modified material of C waste PE crosslinked cable granulator by slashgear technology famous station, expert reviews, computer Bild and other global authorities. It was rated as the best intelligence award by Tom s hardware, the world-famous DIY hardware media and chip chip chip. As a popular model at CES exhibition, it was also rated by Android central, computer active, alphr Techlicious, a world-renowned technology media, was awarded the ces2016 best choice award

when Huawei won the world's recognition, we also saw the rise of a domestic brand, and this kind of method will usher in a new era of flexible electronic technology, which is the rise of a technology driven consumer electronics brand based on the struggle and independent technology research and development

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