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Huawei media solutions help TV Media Strategic Transformation and upgrading

on June 3, the 2016 TV all media technology summit hosted by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Chengdu. The theme of this summit is to integrate all media to light up UHD. In the form of Technology Summit and business research, we will conduct in-depth discussions, actively explore, focus on implementing innovation driven, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of TV media strategy. Zhang Peishi, deputy director of the Technology Department of Shenzhen radio and television station, shared the experience of Shenzhen radio and television media integration construction and the practice of new technology and new business at the summit. Mr. Xu Huangcheng, an expert in the design and development of Huawei media solutions, shared a keynote speech entitled "Discussion on the construction of media cloud under the all media trend" at the convergence summit

ctiforum news on June 3 (Li Wenjie): the 2016 all media technology summit of TV stations hosted by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Chengdu. The all media technology seminar takes the integration of all media to light up Ultra HD as the theme, follows the development direction of using new technologies and new applications to innovate media communication methods proposed by the central government, and takes the 13th five year plan for scientific and Technological Development and the implementation of media integration as the main line to discuss the exploration and experience of the radio and television industry in implementing innovation driven and accelerating strategic transformation

today's summit brought together many leaders, experts and scholars from the domestic television industry, and invited scientific and technological elites from provincial and municipal television stations across the country and outstanding representatives of system technology solutions and system integrators in the media industry. They made full use of the platform of the technology summit and conducted rich discussions and exchanges in combination with the new forms and trends of media technology development at home and abroad, To make full use of new media technology to create a new generation of smart radio and television media. Zhang Peishi, deputy director of the Technology Department of Shenzhen radio and television station, shared the experience of Shenzhen radio and television media integration construction and the practice of new technology and new business at the summit. Mr. Xu Huangcheng, chief engineer of Huawei media industry, shared a keynote speech entitled "Discussion on media cloud construction under the all media trend" at the integration summit

as a pioneer in the construction of integrated media cloud, Zhang Peishi, deputy director of Shenzhen radio and Television Technology Department, shared the experience of Shenzhen radio and television media integration construction, as well as the practice of new technology and new business at the summit. It mainly includes the practical experience of Shenzhen station in 4K HD service, VR application research, IP experiment, in the zigzag experiment, which can find and repair the defects of stainless steel materials in time, as well as cloud technology and other fields. Since 2014, Shenzhen TV station has used cloud technology to build the integration center business, which has realized the platform based all media convergence, the current co platform production and multi-channel distribution, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved. In the future, based on this platform, it will expand the integration business to the whole group. At the same time, Shenzhen radio and television is also trying VR application research and business experience. The application is mainly VR and production, which is very different from traditional TV program production. It can carry out 360 degree shooting of the event site. The next step is to try to make virtual studio production in the program; The experiment of IP is also another attempt of Shenzhen radio and television to explore the evolution of SDI architecture to full IP architecture. We try to use IP broadcasting to experiment with Huawei, image and other companies to provide commercial and mature solutions. At the same time, cutv new media is also carrying out platform construction, avoiding two screens of old and new media. Through content customization, integrate content, and realize rapid release and multi screen sharing of new media

Huawei believes that the era of all media presents the characteristics of social media, audio-visual mobility, multi screen content and extreme high-definition, and people's media consumption behavior has changed greatly, which leads to the media must change the existing content centric operation concept to user centric, which means that the ICT infrastructure of the existing media needs to carry out user centric information reform, Innovative ICT solutions provide the source power for all media transformation

Picture Description: Mr. Xu Huangcheng made a keynote speech at the summit

Huawei has been committed to the design and development of solutions for the radio and television media industry for nearly ten years. With business driven IT infrastructure as the core design, it designs and develops integrated media cloud solutions for the radio and television field. The solution aims to build a hybrid cloud it basic platform with it resource pooling, service automation and intelligent management defined by media business, realize the production and broadcasting of all media content anytime and anywhere, let customers freely enjoy a smooth and convenient production and broadcasting experience, help customers in the field of radio and television business agility, and calmly deal with the challenges of all media transformation

all in one, cloud computing based solutions, with its core architecture design concepts of integration, flexibility, on-demand, etc., have attracted the attention of industry pioneers and analysis institutions. Cloud technology has become the primary concern of the media industry in 2016. Including famous TV stations and new media service providers such as BBC, Netfix, the streaming media service company, and truevisions, the largest pay TV station in Thailand, have turned their goals to the cloud. Domestic well-known media institutions such as CCTV, Hunan Radio and television station, Shenzhen radio and television and Phoenix Satellite TV, in conjunction with industry ISV and it infrastructure solution providers, have been on the leading path of media cloud integration practice. More TV stations are taking the road of cloud based on their own reality

Huawei media cloud solutions are based on the most comprehensive IT products and solutions in the industry. In terms of architecture layout, it supports independent and distributed architectures within multiple TV stations (such as Phoenix Satellite TV and Shenzhen radio and television) private cloud platforms, based on Huawei's fastest horizontally expanding storage oceanstor9000, integrated blade server fusionservere9000, advanced cloud operating system fusionsphere, desktop management platform fusionaccess, cloud switch cloudengine128000, etc; It is linked with the public cloud system represented by HWS. At the same time, it provides data-based, host, network, management, interface, operation and application and security policy management, and provides business continuity guarantee while producing efficiently

Mr. Xu Huangcheng mentioned that cloud computing is a strategic investment area for Huawei to focus on the future. Huawei has the industry's most comprehensive it and CT product lines, the largest number of R & D teams, a cumulative R & D investment of more than 19 billion US dollars, technical support and service teams covering more than 140 countries and all provinces and cities in China, and has established a 2012 Laboratory for future technology research for open cooperation, Help our customers and partners jointly cope with the challenges of a big data, large flow and smart digital society, and promote the information society to a new height

Huawei has established a media industry solution team since 2006, and has been deeply involved in the industry for nearly ten years, serving more than 1000 industry value customers. In the future, Huawei will continue to uphold the concept of technological innovation, continue to be based on cloud computing, big data and other technologies, and work with partners to actively commit to industrial affairs, including the construction of technical standards for the whole station, help TV stations build ICT basic platforms for integrated media and support integrated production and release, and help TV stations' business innovation and development

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