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Huawei's low-key response to rumors of anti-corruption investigations

Ken Hu, CEO of Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer, confirmed that the company was indeed conducting an internal investigation into bribery. However, he downplayed the matter as a routine investigation into possible violations of enterprise regulations

Hu houkun is the rotating CEO of Huawei. For the investigation reported by Chinese media earlier this week, his remarks were the first confirmation of the matter by Huawei executives

however, Hu houkun refused to confirm the number of Huawei employees suspected of involvement and whether anyone was arrested

earlier this week, Chinese institutions first financial daily and Caixin reported that as of August 16, Huawei's internal investigation found that 116 employees and 69 dealers were involved in corruption, with a total amount of hundreds of millions of yuan

Chinese domestic media reported that four employees had been transferred to justice

Hu houkun refused to confirm the authenticity of these reports. However, he said that the results of this survey are not a big deal. Such surveys will occur every year

he said: we will conduct such surveys on a regular basis every year. We will indeed investigate and punish those who violate the company's regulations. But I don't think this is new

he added: perhaps the difference this year is that this matter has attracted the attention of the media

this survey and the publicity surrounding it seem to be part of China's anti-corruption campaign. p>

1 generally, the speed regulation range is narrow

at present, the details of the Huawei case are still unclear. However, according to Chinese media reports, the case seems to be related to the supplier's alleged payment of kickbacks to Huawei's purchasing personnel. In China's telecommunications industry, especially in the intelligent sector, competition is extremely fierce, and suppliers are facing huge sales pressure

in China's mobile industry, there has long been a tradition of suppliers giving gifts to distributors and purchasing staff

since 2005, "queein Chang Manson, CEO of eelcee, said that Huawei employees have been required to take anti-corruption vows every year

Hu houkun said: as long as we look at the core philosophy of our corporate culture, we know that we have zero tolerance for such behavior, and our requirements for employees are very strict

in 2012, when Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, left the full-time CEO, according to his decision, Huawei implemented a rotation system. Hu houkun and three other Huawei leaders take turns to hold this top position in a half year cycle

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