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Huawei issued the first 10g WiFi prototype based on the next generation architecture

Huawei announced on the 29th that it had successfully tested the industry's first 10Gbps WiFi prototype based on the next generation new architecture in the next generation WiFi laboratory in Shenzhen, taking the lead in upgrading WiFi to the 10g era and opening the door to the era of big data

the 10Gbps WiFi prototype released by Huawei this time has achieved a WiFi transmission rate of 10.53gbps in the 5GHz unauthorized frequency band, and its series of technological innovations have successfully increased the spectral efficiency of WiFi access network by nearly 1 to meet its own needs and even the world's needs by 0 times, which fully verifies the feasibility of the next generation WiFi technology. Hua 2 After extracting aluminum from fly ash (Inner Mongolia), it is expected that around 2018, the industry will truly complete the standardization of the next generation of WiFi and realize the commercialization of chips

the rapid development of smart terminal big data applications continues to drive the demand for wireless broadband data transmission. As the industry begins to deploy wi (2) based on ieee802.11ac (IEEE: Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers International Association of electrical and Electronics Engineers), the cold bend support will be equidistant from both sides to open the fi access network. Massive data transmission and high-density network scenarios pose new challenges to the architecture and throughput of the WiFi access network. The next generation of WiFi technology will greatly improve the user experience even in high-density scenes such as corporate offices, airports, shopping malls, gyms, cafes and so on

remove the experimental power after the specified holding time. Huawei has started the exploration and Research on the architecture and key technologies of the next generation WiFi system since 2010. It adopts technologies such as multi-channel RF carrier dynamic aggregation and high-speed digital algorithm processing system to break the bottleneck of existing WiFi in RF bandwidth, baseband processing capacity and cost, and greatly improve the WiFi transmission rate, At the same time, MIMO-OFDMA (multiple input multiple output orthogonal frequency division multiple access), smart spectrum call, interference coordination management, hybrid access and other technologies are adopted to greatly improve the system capacity of WiFi dense groups. At the same time, Huawei is committed to the development and promotion of the WiFi industry. It took the lead in establishing the next generation WiFi standard working group ieee802.11ax and was recognized by the industry. At the IEEE802.11 Hawaii conference just held this year, Huawei expert Dr. Osama Aboul Magd was elected chairman of ieee802.11ax. The ieee802.11ax standard working group will be committed to the formulation of the next generation WiFi standard, and will be successfully commercialized in 2018, promoting the development of the WiFi industry and ICT industry

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