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Huawei Max presence redefines the next generation command center

ctiforum on July 10 (Li Wenjie): in today's society, whether it is major projects such as rocket launch, daily operations such as traffic scheduling, or emergency handling of sudden accidents and major disasters, it is inseparable from the command center to achieve rapid response, multi-party coordination and efficient command. However, the current command centers of all industries and units can not meet the business needs under the new situation

there are isolated islands of information in the traditional command center, and the way is unclear

on the one hand, the functions of the traditional command center are mainly designed for the business operation level, and the functions for the management and decision-making level are relatively few, which can not assist the leaders in making decisions. Moreover, in the monitoring and command hall, only voice can be used for scheduling, and the information transmitted is very limited, which is often unclear and unclear; On the other hand, video conference and video monitoring system are separated. Generally, the monitoring and data center can only watch the data and can't communicate with each other. In the video conference room, it is impossible to directly schedule the monitoring video images, and the subordinate venues are even more unable to understand the monitoring information. Information islands are widespread, which greatly affects the comprehensive benefits of the system. It can be said that the traditional command center is still in the stage of isolated command or even blind command. Information and keguangya aluminum is also the authorized manufacturer of two famous door and window systems in Europe. Today, with highly developed technology, the environment faced by all kinds of major events is more complex, and the demand of users in all industries and fields for the next generation command center is imminent

Huawei Max advance redefines the next generation emergency decision command center

Huawei Max advance opens a new era of the next generation emergency decision command center with a number of revolutionary innovations and breakthroughs, bringing an unprecedented experience for decision-making and consultation

1. Strong media integration ability to realize the full integration of surveillance video, conference video and industry data

Huawei Max presence can not only add the surveillance video to the video conference, but also quickly share it with other venues, so that different departments can view the surveillance image, provide intuitive auxiliary information for decision-making and consultation, and completely break the information island between different systems in the era of traditional command center

2. Realize two-way visual decision-making

Huawei Max advance also solves the problem that the traditional monitoring center can only watch and can't discuss decision-making, so that the command center has entered a new stage of two-way visual decision-making. On the one hand, the integration of surveillance and video conference endows the command center with the video decision-making ability of multi-level and multi center vertical and horizontal linkage; On the other hand, Huawei Max advance command center can also support the two-way video interworking of the emergency individual system. Whether through microwave, 3G or elte, it can realize the command information transmission of the last kilometer, which can not only enable the front-line combatants to send back the on-site situation in real time through video to assist in decision-making, but also the command center can directly send instructions to the front line through video, so as to improve the accuracy and timeliness of decision-making

3. One screen with multiple functions and one key switching can be changed as needed

in the normal state without emergency, the B-pillar used as the window guide is made of these materials. The large screen of ax advance can be used to display monitoring video or data information; In the wartime state of encountering emergencies or facing major projects, the max advance command center can immediately start the visual emergency consultation mode, so that leaders at all levels can make on-site decisions at the first time and seize the best opportunity for emergency command

in addition, in order to further improve the efficiency of decision-making and command, Huawei Max advance also integrates the switching operations of different modes into a pad, so that users can complete the rapid switching of different application scenarios with one touch, further improving the agile response ability of the next generation command center

Huawei Max advance has achieved the core position of the emergency decision command center.

with new technological innovation, Huawei Max advance has brought new application value to the emergency decision command center and made it a real center in command operations

on the one hand, Max presence has become the main channel for the collection of all kinds of information. The whole process of information acquisition, editing, analysis and use can be completed in one place, enabling the command center to achieve a combat effectiveness of the whole greater than the sum of parts; On the other hand, as the next generation emergency decision command center, Max advance can integrate the functions of alarm service, force mobilization, battle command, information integration, decision-making staff and so on, and become the core of rapid response of a combat system with good overall stability

as the pioneer of the next generation command center, Huawei Max advance has a very wide range of applications in government, security, transportation, power, operators and other industries. Moreover, the deployment of the max presence command center is also very flexible. Huawei can not only build a complete set of systems for customers, but also transform them according to the existing monitoring center of the enterprise, so as to fully protect the existing investment of customers

Huawei Max advance innovation opens the next generation emergency decision command center

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