On philosophy and packaging design

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On philosophy and packaging design

philosophy is a theory about world outlook and a summary of natural and social knowledge. The fundamental problem of philosophy is the relationship between thought and existence, spirit and material. In the whole scientific system, philosophy is the basis of each subsystem discipline, and packaging design is no exception

what packaging designers are required to do here is to apply philosophical principles in packaging design without stimulating their creative inspiration. Pursue self-expression in design and personalized packaging design that reflects self thoughts

however, nowadays, some workers engaged in packaging design despise the guiding significance of Philosophy in packaging design, ignore the response of philosophical principles in packaging work, and engage in making things behind closed doors at home. The result is that the work is multiplied, and the gain is not worth the loss. For example, deceptive packaging (that is, excessive packaging) destroys the dialectical relationship between form and content. In philosophy, we say that form should obey content and serve content well. While deceptive packaging takes advantage of gorgeous appearance and super large volume, it carries ultra small volume goods, and sometimes even uses inferior goods to fill the good with bad. It not only violates the principle of dialectical relationship between form and content in philosophy, but also sets up obstacles for its own (manufacturer) future path, which damages the reputation of its agricultural technology

this is a problem that should be paid attention to by all personnel engaged in packaging design. Conservative packaging (i.e. insufficient packaging) also destroys the dialectical relationship between effect and function. For the traditional packaging form, we should critically inherit the b/c/d of hydraulic universal testing machine. What we call traditional laws refers to the original old rules and routines. In today's packaging design, we should reflect and express the tradition, but when the traditional design effect can't serve, that is to say, when the effect and function can't become a whole, the philosophical thought should play his guiding role. The same is true of mandatory packaging (i.e. the adequate and suitable packaging of cutting electronic universal experimental machine) and misplaced packaging newspaper (i.e. the open hat and Li Dai packaging). Designing these wrong packages also destroys the dialectical relationship between protective function and economic benefit. The protective function of packaging is the most important function in packaging design. If the packaging design loses its protective function, we say that the packaging has no meaning of existence

anyone with a little philosophical common sense knows that the transformation from quantitative change to qualitative change, the unity and struggle of opposites, and the negation of negation are the three laws of Dialectics of nature. In addition, some scholars believe that metabolism is also a law of Dialectics of nature. These laws are reflected in the packaging design, that is, the quantitative change to the qualitative change of the packaging function, that is, from a single protective function to a variety of protective functions, and then to the social cognitive function, so that the original packaging is transformed into modern packaging, resulting in qualitative changes. The main contradiction of packaging design is the contradiction between the functional requirements of packaging and the implementation of packaging design. The restriction of various subjective and objective conditions of packaging design is the manifestation of this contradiction. The renewal and development of packaging products, packaging technology, packaging materials, packaging technology, packaging structure, packaging decoration, packaging containers, etc. is the expression of negation of negation or metabolism

historical materialism tells us that existence determines consciousness; Social consciousness exists in society. The source of packaging design lies in the various needs of the commodity world and the majority of customers. It plays a decisive and guiding role in the design thought of packaging designers. What kind of goods and customers will produce what kind of packaging design. However, once a packaging design is put into production and then transformed into social material existence, it will in turn affect and change the face of social life and the values, aesthetics and world outlook of customers, producing a huge driving force

packaging design is a creative thinking and product. Philosophy can provide scientific methodology for creative thinking, so that the vision and thinking of designers can continue to develop, thus opening up a new Xintiandi where packaging design can also reduce energy consumption. Cybernetics, Pansystems methodology, dissipative structure theory, synergetics theory and other scientific methodologies are the specific applications of Philosophy (i.e. Applied Philosophy), and they also create many amazing and surprising works. Some excellent packaging design works that have won awards in various regions in the world, Asia and China reflect the designers' philosophical thoughts and thinking methods to varying degrees, indicating that they have a certain depth and relevance in philosophical cultivation. Therefore, packaging designers should understand a little philosophy, so that their works can rise to the height of philosophy

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