On September 1, European manufacturers raised the

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On September 1, European manufacturers raised the price of polyurethane polymer

from September 1, 2006, Degussa will raise the price of film making polymer trogamid and the price of using the material mixture of 0.35 euros per kilogram

Goldschmidt company, which belongs to Degussa company, announced to increase the price of polyurethane from 7% to 15% from September 15

China Zhongwang has continuously launched high value-added aluminum processing products

from September 1, the price of polycarbonate and polycarbonate composites of eurodow has increased by 200 euros per ton, and the price of polyethylene of all brands has increased by 120 euros per ton

sabic raised the price of 100 euros per ton for all low-pressure polyethylene, high-pressure polyethylene and linear high-pressure polyethylene, which have the advantages of high integration, stability, reliability and convenient use. And raise the price of DuPont's ethylene copolymer from September 15. Ciba raised the price of plastic antioxidant and plastic stabilizer

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